Experience World Class Visual
Discovery Platform


Experience World Class Visual
Discovery Platform

Our Product

Behold the unfurling of the future of the jewellery industry in India. Trouve, an AI-ML-based jewellery discovery platform, Makes your search for jewellery easier! Connect with Trouve to witness millions of your favourite designs in one place.

Visual Business World

India’s smart cataloguing app, Trouve is here to make a difference in the jewellery industry. Incorporate a visual search for jewellery with Trouve and get results that match the picture without typing a single character. Our visual search has the best filters to streamline the customer’s search.

Now, do more with images! With our jewellery AI, say no to manual search. This super smart cataloguing app & platform for jewellery gives personalised design experience to customers.

Notice It, Nab It!

Distorted images are the same as distorted facts which are?? – not clear right!

Search, choose, click, repeat! choose your favourite designs, upload it on Trouve and make your jewellery search more exciting than ever with our jewellery AI.
More the merrier right!

Try various combinations to complete your jewellery sets with Trouve’s unique AI and wear your own style.Customers get options to look for other category items matching the similar design. Trouve is a one-stop shop for purchasing an entire jewellery set.

Click, Clean, Upload & Search

Trouve cataloguing app for jewellery eliminates the worries of creating manual catalogues & makes your search for jewellery better and easier. All you need to do is click a picture of your favourite jewellery design or import from your gallery.

Who We Work With ?

We have a vast clientele base and serve manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. We enhance customer engagement with both B2C jewellery and B2B jewellery apps. From easy search, jewellery analytics, artificial intelligence, and footfall analytics to product discoverability and client communication, Trouve does all and more! It’s an all-in-one hub that makes it the perfect jewellery shopping app


Powered by artificial intelligence, Trouve helps manufacturing companies manage business operations and solve digital problems simultaneously. Our jewellery app for manufacturers offers a secure and centralised data repository to store confidential business information and digital communication.



Our jewellery app for wholesalers makes it easy to create and share customised digital catalogues with clients. Our machine learning solutions let wholesalers receive queries from prospects digitally and ensure seamless communication during the purchase & sales process.


Trouve is the best jewellery app for retailers. Our visual search allows customers to get a centralised data bank of easily retrievable results. Retailers can share personalised catalogues with customers to improve sales figures and increase product interest. Advanced CRM from Trouve enhances the customer experience to boost sales.

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