Visual Search: Usage Beyond the Traditional Search of Designs

Visual Search: Usage Beyond the Traditional Search of Designs

The confusion faced by consumers is huge when we talk about jewellery. Some may fall for the idea of new jewellery designs, while others may like the idea of traditional designs.

What Trovue aims to offer is a quick finding of designs and presentations. The idea is to reduce the item search time to a second level. We know the consumers don’t like to wait for the response and to enhance that visual search, we devised Trouve plans. Through us get the best visual experience for your users.

The users can be wholesalers looking for the peak jewellery piece. It can be the retailer looking to reach the right market segment, or it can be the direct consumer who is particularly looking for the right piece of jewellery. 

Why is Visual Search important?

Consumers today don’t have enough time to visit stores and need an immediate solution to their demands. In order to saturate those demands, Trovue came up with a visual search. Visual search with immediate availability is important to make the consumer end process flexible. 

Saves Time: Consumers need something that allows them to work on other things extra. A visual search of their items from their likable brand will allow them to make the decision fast. Visual search allows the consumer to search for the product from anywhere and everywhere. They can fall in love with any design and, with visual search, find it under their trusted brands.

Seamless Search: There are more than 11000 designs available. While searching for the desired design, consumers may fall in love with something else. With visual search, they have to take a screenshot and upload it on their trusted brand page/application. The process is layman-friendly and allows everyone to find the desired products. 

Track Keeping: A database is needed for storing those snapshots added. When a brand keeps track of its consumer data, they tend to serve better. Through the right visual Search software and database, any brand can keep the data and use it accordingly. 

Report: The jewellery brand needs to know the current and past trends. When the visual search data is stored, the marketing campaign is done rightly. The manufacturer will understand what to produce and how much to produce. With the right understanding of the trend, the right listing of the products can be done. With the right listing, a consumer can come across the right results in less time. 

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